Dating sites become mainstream and focus on more niche markets

They maintain blogs, they have figured out how to arbitrage SEM, and they’ve figured out creative and legitimate ways to generate quality traffic. This affiliate program is best offered to singles seeking a bit more out of life than enduring the world alone and merely waiting for the right person to appear before them. You haven’t been to a synagogue in months, and now is the time to go.

  • The affiliate program allows your audience members to log in to, one of the most successful online dating networks that connects singles looking for friendship, romance, and possibly even more.
  • First impressions are that the site is international, even though a lot of members are either from the US or Israel.
  • Prices are fair for long term contracts, but quite expensive otherwise.
  • Avalanche’s domain names are words people naturally type into the Internet, so they don’t have to spend a lot in marketing, Internet dating experts say.
  • These days, we get several requests from affiliates to promote our niche sites.

Free membership also enables you to send messages, but you can’t read any messages that you receive. Active daily members are low, at fewer than 100, making it difficult to chat with live members.

The best words that could describe Jewcier’s overall design would be “bleak”, “old-fashioned” or just a simple “meh”. The main page allows only a small peak to the reachable list of local singles, while simultaneously encouraging you to search for others. As for the search engine, you can set only basic parameters like age, distance, status and so on. Alternatively you can navigate to the “Matches” menu where you are offered people randomly. The site really lacks a unique feature that would add some extra layer of fun to the searching, as the presented options are way below of what you’re used from sites like Facebook. The second site will be focused on singles that follow a spiritual lifestyle.

This network provides access to a number of targeted dating websites, giving practically everyone a chance at love. Frankly, Jewcier is a decent attempt to provide Jewish people a private platform for dating purposes, but it fails to deliver a quality high enough to compete with other dating sites specialized in Jewish matchmaking. Other than the ostentatious name, it can pride itself on its live video messaging and the fact that free accounts can send messages too. Unfortunately, these aspects are overshadowed by the bleak design, lack of mobile apps, and the mediocre search options. Jewcier could be a place to start seeking for dates, as it’s international, but the active members are sparse. The second major change has to do with the types of offers that affiliates are promoting. When we started, affiliates were most interested in general dating offers.

After he was fired for falling asleep on the job , he got into the telephone dating business, operating in 30 countries. “Online dating is not just for what I used to call the dating-challenged – the computer geek, the shy boy,” said Los Angeles-based online dating expert Julie Spira. Avalanche’s domain names are words people naturally type into the Internet, so they don’t have to spend a lot in marketing, Internet dating experts say. Jewcier might not really be a dating site in itself but its secret identity,, does have an impressive roster of members. If you’re looking for a dating site which really engages with the Jewish community then go elsewhere, but this isn’t a bad option if you’re looking to meet a variety of people, some of whom are Jewish.

Jewcier then photoshopped them all into a Passover e-card that is more reminiscent of the Last Supper than a contemporary Seder. Maybe it’s a nod to the interreligious backgrounds of some of the celebs. Use this form if you have come across a typo, inaccuracy or would like to send an edit request for the content on this page. For general feedback, use the public comments section below .

Q: What are your future plans for the business?

Avalanche’s domain names are words people naturally type into the Internet, so they don’t have to spend a lot in marketing, Internet dating experts say. “They’re well respected within the industry for being savvy operators,” said Mark Brooks, an online dating industry analyst and editor of Gay sites are “a growing part of our business,” Strahlberg said. Overall, the company’s sites have 10M members worldwide, and 5-10% of them are paying members, Strahlberg said. Strahlberg, who owns half the company, declined to disclose Avalanche’s revenues, but said it is “highly profitable” and has been since its inception. This year, the company may be looking for outside investors for the first time, he said.


The items and menus are compressed for easier use, and by disposing all the useless white space, you don’t need to swipe the screen at all. Editing your profile is easier too, and the simplistic design really lets you focus on your possible date interests. Jewish single, and online dating entrepreneur, Meir Strahlberg focused on playing virtual matchmaker on Avalanche’s other dating sites, and But, disappointed with his own online dating experience when using other Jewish dating sites, Strahlberg decided to focus his vision on the Jewish dating industry, and on creating a site that provided what the other sites were lacking. Single Jewish men across the globe are showing their mothers that they love and appreciate them, by sending them flowers this Valentine’s Day. With a free account, you can browse through profiles and flirt by sending a wink.

A new addition to the digital dating world, Jewcier offers a modern interface for young Jewish singles. Seniors are our most valuable demographic and we think that is going to be a very popular affiliate offer. Well, according to the popular media, the answer to that question these days is the Jews. Whether you think of this asfetishismor not, it seems that many would agree withDetailsmagazine that “America can’t get enough smoking-hot Semitic tush lately,” to put it somewhat crudely. And, of course, the sexiest of the sexy are Jewish celebrities. The majority of Jewcier’s singles would love to go find more at out on a first date on Valentine’s Day. 82% of men and 89% of women thought it would be really romantic to go out on Valentine’s Day, versus 18% of Jewish men and 11% of Jewish women who felt that Valentine’s Day was too much pressure for a first date.

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The internet has really broken down geographic boundaries and borders. The new site rebrands Jspace Dating, with easy-to-use features including daily matches, messaging, and personalized search capabilities to help Jewish daters find their soulmate, their beshert.

The site is targeted toward Jewish people across the globe, who are looking for love. Jewcier is under strict regulations to provide a tranquil and intimate atmosphere for users, only allowing profiles that have been proven to belong to real Jewish singles. You can register for free, and start searching for your soulmate after a brief profile creation.