Vietnamese women, Privilege, and Persistence

Combined with nationalism fostered by war, it helps to create a feeling that women have a moral duty to make money. Government posters exhorting women to work show them wearing hard hats or military uniforms. Maternity leave was increased to six months in 2013, high by regional standards. Public workfare programs targeted at women have the potential to empower them economically by providing jobs. However, the impact of public workfare programs on gender-based violence is theoretically ambiguous. They may contribute to its reduction through lowering financial stress or improving a woman’s bargaining position due to independent income. Yet, a woman’s higher income may also create incentives to use violence for extractive purposes; putting women in a position of provider at home and in male dominated sectors outside the home may create a backlash because these positions violate gender norms.

  • A high supply of migrant workers seeking employment and high demand from an economy seeking cheap labor creates a perfect combination for human traffickers to thrive.
  • It is part of a wider dataset for research on the health of men, women, and children in post-trafficking services in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam, the largest study to date on human trafficking and health.
  • Reasons for this difference might be the different sampling strategies.
  • In order to boost morale among male soldiers, North Vietnamese women were recruited from youth volunteer groups to drive truckloads of soldiers up and down the Ho Chi Minh trail, while American pilots were conducting bombing raids.

Vuong Thi HanhWomen have a very important role in the country’s development, especially during the integration period. They make up nearly 50 per cent of the total work force and are present in all fields, including the economy, culture, society and politics.

How are Vietnam women in modern life?

Despite these difficulties, women entrepreneurs have been developing their businesses, and this publication serves as a medium for them to share their experiences. They may contribute to its reduction through lowering financial stress or improving a woman’s bargaining position due to …

Human trafficking

The reunification of North and South Vietnam after the Vietnam War, in 1976, also allowed women to take on leadership roles in politics. One author said that Vietnam during the 1980s was “a place where, after exhausting work and furious struggle, women can be confident that they travel the path which will some day arrive at their liberation.” 40, the Trưng Sisters Trưng Trắc and Trưng Nhị led a rebellion to get rid of Tô Định, the corrupt Chinese governor occupying Vietnam. They were daughters of a Lạc lord in Giao Chỉ and widows of aristocrats. The quote is “giac den nha, dan ba cung danh” in Vietnamese and the quote actually means that fighting in war is inappropriate for women and its only when the situation is so desperate that the war has spread to their home then women should enter the war. The patriarchal system introduced by the Chinese”, although “this patriarchal system … Was not able to dislodge the Vietnamese women from their relatively high position in the family and society, especially among the peasants and the lower classes”, with modern “culture and legal codes …

If the eldest daughter were to be married off, the family would lose a hand of labor. After the war, women continued to help around the household and replaced the men they lost in combat.

The questionnaire was translated into Vietnamese and refined through group discussions with International Organization for Migration counter-trafficking teams, further revised through pilot-testing, and reviewed after back-translation into English. It measured symptoms of anxiety and depression with the Hopkins Symptoms Checklist and post-traumatic stress disorder with the Harvard Trauma Questionnaire . A cutoff of 1.75 was used for measuring anxiety and 2.00 for post-traumatic stress disorder . Physical and sexual violence was measured by a modified tool of the WHO international study of domestic violence which has been supplemented by items victims of trafficking commonly report to local service providers. Participants were asked about health problems experienced in the past 4 weeks and variables were coded as positive for people who reported severe levels (“extremely” and “quite a lot”). Qualitative quotes are used to illuminate the context of existing categories or to highlight the existence of different reasons or situations than those captured by the survey tool. Nonetheless, our findings point to important issues that have rarely been considered in discussions on wife trafficking, such as women’s particular social and health care needs after being trafficked for forced marriage.

They were labeled as “prostitutes” and assumed to be of the lower-classes. Historian Barbara Andaya said that although “well into the nineteenth century Europeans continued to take concubines, the tendency to see concubines akin to prostitutes meant that the standing of the temporary wife had been fundamentally eroded.” Champa king Po Rome was Cru and had a Malay wife, a Vietnamese wife, a Ra-Nde wife and Cham Awal wife. Hos Vietnamese wife was Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Khoa (阮福玉誇), daughter of Nguyễn Lord Nguyễn Phúc Nguyên. He was so into his sexual relations with her that he had Champa’s sacred Kraik tree chopped down to cure her of illness. This enabled the Vietnamese to defeat the Cham, leading to his suicide after the Vietnamese held him in a metal cage when the Vietnamese army defeated the Chams due to the destruction of the Kraik tree leading Champa’s power to be sapped. Whichever way you look at it, women in Vietnam continue to make their mark.

Also, men’s unresolved pressures and problems have resulted in increased violence, in both families and society. Also, women’s economic roles will be much more significant in the future as Viet Nam more deeply integrates into the world, while these industries continue to spearhead the economy. From there, they can do more social things and have more time to take care of themselves.